Restructuring of the Shiitake Greenhouse


In March 2020, following the repair work on the Shiitake Greenhouse, damaged by the passage of Storm Leslie, the Shiitake greenhouse was restructured to adapt it to mushroom production, not only from oak logs, but also through pasteurized substrate bags.
This restructuring forced us to divide the greenhouse into 2 tunnels of 500 m2 each and to rearrange the galvanized tube shelves to receive the substrate bags.

Restructuring of the Shiitake Greenhouse

Leslie Storm - Repairing of Shiitake Greenhouse


In mid December 2019, the repairing work began on the Shiitake greenhouse damaged by the effects of the passage of Storm Leslie.
The upper arches supporting the plastic roof cover had to be replaced, as they were twisted due to the effect of the strong winds of the storm, and all the plastic on the roof was also replaced.

Leslie Storm - Repairing of Shiitake Greenhouse

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